al-Muhajirun ~ Is Syria in need of men

al-Muhajirun, a group of foreign fighters, that stresses its independence from any of the groups involved in the Syrian war, on January 1, 2016 published a statement calling for a general mobilization in Syria. In this second statement published by the group they call on every able Muslim to take up arms against the Nusayri regime, its Safawy allies […] and the Russian occupation […]




On Sunday January 10, 2016, the group published what they titled the first episode in a Q&A session, again repeating the call for mass mobilization. (Do note that, they again, in the very beginning of the video claim not to be speaking in behalf of any organization.)


3 comments on “al-Muhajirun ~ Is Syria in need of men

  1. dave1234 says:

    wallah 30,000 Muslim muhajireen came to Sham, but somehow they joined what you call the ‘khawarij causing fitna’ and didn’t join yourselves the sahwat

    Alhamdulillah Allah swt is humiliating the sahwat

  2. Just what Syria needs right now. Yet another mob of fighters who will fight to the death…of every last Syrian. These outsiders call for a mass mobilization of Syrians, as if the country wasn’t already awash with fighters and factions and weapons and death. And yet, they themselves have no right to be there, contributing to the ongoing destruction of what was once a proud, wonderful country.

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