4 comments on “Syria ~ Map Update dd January 4, 2016

  1. p says:

    Thanks for the update and your work. If I may make a few suggestions:
    * I’d find it useful to also see ‘occupying’ forces in Irak (kurdish and IS) at the other side of the IRAQ/Syria border, so to see at what place the Peshmerga are ‘touching’ the YPG. Same for IS. Same remark for the Iraq map.🙂
    * A link to the previous situation maps would be nice as well (I like to compare previous with current situation)

    And then a question: what rebels are at Azaz and Tel Rifaat? Are those FSA? Why don’t they join forces with YPG at Efrin district, similar to SDF?

  2. Guillaume says:


    Thanks a lot for your very interesting maps.

    Just a small comment: you miswrote the date (up & right corner), it’s not 2015 anymore but 2016.

    Take care.
    Guillaume (from France).

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