13 comments on “Syria ~ Map Update dd September 2, 2015

  1. Richard Cronin says:

    I have to admit I find your maps hard to understand. why is there two tones to the countryside areas? I find that very confusing. Jabbat al Nusra and ISIS are hard to distinguish between each other.Sorry I only want to help.

  2. infowarrior1 says:

    With help of the US the Syrian Kurds are winning.

    • rostam says:

      Syrian Kurds are expelled by YPG/PKK to Turkey. Remained innocent and powerless Syrian Kurds harshly opressed by terrorist YPG/PKK. If you mean YPG is Syrian Kurds you are disgusting liar and terrorist! YPG/PYD/PKK is Asad’s henchman to kill Syrian innocent Kurds, Araps, Torkumans etc.

  3. […] Syrian territory and rebranding in to Islamic State. Pieter Van Ostaeyen made a very insightful map on IS’s advance. Envisioning a world according an ideology derived from Islam of 11 century […]

  4. […] kisebb győzelmet arat – például az ISIS Palmürában – de a frontok most már hónapok óta elég merevek. Pont, mint a westernfilmek mexikói […]

  5. […] győzelmet arat – például az ISIS Palmürában – de a frontok most már hónapok óta elég merevek. Pont, mint a westernfilmek mexikói […]

  6. ronwagn says:

    Thanks for your cartography!

  7. […] se soient brusquement amplifiés cet été? Est-ce dû à une dégradation de la situation en Syrie et en Irak? A priori, et malgré la prise spectaculaire de Palmyre par les djihadistes, qui fut […]

  8. […] Isis e territori controllati in Siria a settembre 2015. Cartina pubblicata da Pietervanostaeyen […]

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