12 comments on “Syria ~ Map Update dd August 1, 2015

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    Situation in Syria August 1, 2015 Aug

  2. james says:

    Can we publish these maps elsewhere? With credit given of course

  3. james says:

    thanks, will write “Map by Pieter van Ostaeyen and Thomas van Linge”

  4. james says:

    ok “map by Thomas van Linge @ pietervanostaeyen.wordpress.com” ?

  5. Hello Pieter, where can I find all the maps that Thomas created about syria until now, just to observe the changes in the area? thx for answering!!!

  6. […] troops. Yet they include some ten groups and literally hundreds of different factions who are all in the far west of Syria. ISIS is based in the east and north. The 70,000, even if they could be persuaded to switch from fighting the Syrian army to fight ISIS […]

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