al-Furqan ~ And They Give Zakah

New video message published by The Islamic State’s media branch al-Furqan on June 17, 2015.

banner Zakah


Lately, if we see an al-Furqan video release announced by Islamic State media, we expect another video stuffed with extreme violence and barbarism. However, this one, released on the evening of June 17, 2015 – the evening Ramadan begins – is somewhat different.

The first few minutes indeed breath the sense of extreme violence as we know it. Yet, the next half hour is dealing with a far more civil topic: Zakat (‘religious tax’). The video deals with excessive examples on how Zakat is collected, who has to pay what under which conditions. The video is almost to be seen as an official guideline.

At around 29:30 the tone of voice suddenly changes again. We are now witnessing some professional video-material, probably made with a GoPro attached to the barrel of an AK-47. The footage is claimed to be filmed during the battle for Ramadi, at the Japanese Bridge.

About two minutes later, while the camera is running, the guy carrying it, gets hit, falls down and dies, while his camera keeps recording.


One comment on “al-Furqan ~ And They Give Zakah

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