4 comments on “Which nation does Rum in the Ahadith of the last days refer to ? ~ by Musa Cerantonio

  1. Qamar Bintchaos says:

    jAk for posting this
    exquisitly detailed scholarship

  2. Mimoun says:

    Salam Alleikum.
    I think it is wrong to identify Istanbul as Rum.
    It is only interpretation of one “preacher” not scholar with high education in Islamic Aqidah, sharia or history. To make interpretation of the final days on base of Hadith you need a profound knowledge of Arabic language, Sunna and Quran.
    Brother Cerantonio knows to do Dawa and has good Islamic teaching but in this matter I think he is wrong. What is the motivation to see our brothers and sisters of turkey as future (current) enemy’s? IS ? Sorry , this is not enough.
    The other signs of last days like skyscrapers in Arabic peninsula are correct.
    What about the other signs of coming dajal or that much more woman than men will be on earth and so on?
    Lovely brothers and sisters don’t let us be used by non Muslims to fight each other.
    Not our Sunni brothers in Turkey is the enemy.
    Our own kings , military dictator are the problem which don’t follow deen and are destroying us from inside.
    May Allah guide us to be good Muslims , to knowledge so we understand how we be victorious and live in peace.
    Fi Amani Allah

    • Qamar BintChaos says:

      Musa Cerantonio may be correct
      apparently Turkey is giving arms to Shia, and they surely are nationalists

      @gohjkd3g8 27m27 minutes ago
      #BREAKING Turkish planes full of military equipments given to shia militias in Iraq pic.twitter.com/UnxDxTk7rb pic.twitter.com/W6xidfMkye

  3. Timo says:

    Rum was a pre-Ottoman Sultanate of the region Anatolia after it was taken from the Byzantine Empire by the Seljuk Turks and named that way in order to insult the Romans

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