A Message to France ~ رسالة إلى فرنسا

Summary: A Message to France

Video: released February 14, 2015


Summarized translation:

First Statement:

This is a message to you François Hollande, a message to everyone living in France. Know that the soldiers of the Islamic State are everywhere and that the nightmare has just begun. You have crossed a line by insulting our prophet and religion. We all await the order of our caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to bomb you, kill you, behead you. The nightmare has just begun. We will have no pity for you.

This is a message for all French speaking Muslims, for everybody who speaks French. You will have to make a choice here; this is a battle between Muslims and kufr, a battle between true and wrong. It is time to pick a side, whether you’re with us, whether with them. Those who didn’t make Hijra yet, should do so, it is an obligation. But if one can not leave, act from within. Fight them, kill them, with whatever weapon available. Smash them down, burn their cars, burn down police stations. Make Hijra

Second Statement:

This is a message to France and to Belgium, to those who speak French. Know, that this is just the beginning: alaan, alaan … jaa’a al-qitaal, it is now that the battle begins …

[Followed by a very lengthy call to migrate to the Islamic State, he then states why Muslims should do so]: Look at you, every single day you are being humiliated. You can’t have a job and then have to live on wellfare. [note: CPAS is mentioned, a Belgian governmental wellfare association]

For several years they have been fighting Islam, but we know their weakness. Although you have the weapons and technology we do not possess, we know however that victory will come from God. God is our ally, not your’s. So we are ready to fight you, we are waiting. You are just a coward bombing us. But you, François Hollande, and your little men, will never come, because you are nothing but a coward. You are worthless. Why are you afraid to fight us here on the ground? Come to this ground and fight us here. Come taste this. But for now my knive is thirsty for blood, so I kill murtadeen, …, all who attack us we fight back.

We are fighting here now and will be forgiving towards the Muslims and harsh for the disbelievers. But we will come with this and cut off your heads. Car bombs from Paris to Brussels are no problem.

Update dd February 18, 2015:

Both men who spoke are identified as Belgian ISIS fighters. As I referred to in the translation of the second mans statement it seemed there was a link to Belgium. At this point it seems to be fair to state that this message wasn’t really directed at France, rather at Belgium.

Message to FranceThe man at the left was identified as Lotfi Aoumeur (kunya unknown), aged 24  from Verviers, Belgium. He served two years in a medical unit of the Belgian army (2010-2012). The Department of Defence acknowledged this information officialy.

At the right: Redwane Hajaoui (aka Abu Khalid al-Maghribi), aged 22 from Verviers, Belgium. He left for Syria early 2014.

3 comments on “A Message to France ~ رسالة إلى فرنسا

  1. When you detonate car bombs, remember to do it properly..not to bomb your own mother or quran..tsk tsk tsk ;-p

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