ISIS : al-Hayat media ~ From inside Aleppo

February 9, 2015

ISIS media outlet al-Hayat releases another video featuring the British ISIS hostage John Cantlie.


Some remarks about the video:

  • In the very first minutes John says “this will be last one in this series of videos”
  • most part of the video seems to be recorded in al-Bab rather than Aleppo city
  • In the background of this picture you can recognize members of Syria Civil Defence (as noticeable by the logo) and not the Islamic State fire department as Mr. Cantlie saysIMG_2019
  • When John Cantlie is interviewed in the waiting room of a Shari’a courtroom and explaining Shari’a IMG_2020
  • John Cantlie refers to the Christmas speech of David Cameron. Current date: February 9, 2015


  • Unique in all the videos John Cantlie has been featured in: he interviews a French ISIS fighter, who, as usual, praises the attacks in Paris and calls upon his brothers in France to act.




7 comments on “ISIS : al-Hayat media ~ From inside Aleppo

  1. Elizabeth Jane says:

    I didn’t see any women.

    I wonder if they will keep him alive? Will he ever make it back to tell us the truth?

  2. Trav says:

    French ? He does not look french to me

  3. Amrousi says:

    Noone can make war against Allah’s soldiers, and expect anything but failure, frusteration and defeat. To Make false accusations and defame people who defend their land ,their people and do what Allah commands. Will not work. In The end Islam Will Rise Victorious. This is THe Promise of Alllah and who can be Truer to His Promise than Allah. And if This Koran Were to Come down on a mountain The Mountain would crumble For Fear Of Allah.Victory comes from AllahThe Most High not numbers or Military Might. Allah Frusterates The plans of disbelievers. Allah is on the side of THe Believers. Watch and wait.

  4. Amrousi says:

    Pointing Fingers will not do. Who invaded who.Name calling , does not define a great and noble people . The question ought to be asked who are the real terrorist. When people come and invade a land bombing men, women children, babies that constitutes what is commonly referred to as genocide at least at one time it used to.. The buildings were made into rubble causing death and injury to probably beyond thousands but millions.. All this was hatred for the Muslim people and the Religion of Islam and the Holy Koran and The Word of Allah. Which amounts to a declaration of war against Allah and Allah’s soldiers. Arrogence and pride and aggression will not overcome Allah , His Soldiers, His Word Or Allah’s Religion. Islam.

  5. […] From Inside Aleppo, è il titolo dell’episodio pubblicato il 9 febbraio 2015 ed annunciato come conclusivo della serie. […]

  6. Charles says:

    Hijra…hijra?…”is a term used in South Asia – in particular, in India – to refer to trans women (male-to-female transsexual or transgender individuals”

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