7 comments on “From Inside Mosul ~ A new video testimonial from John Cantlie

  1. herbert says:

    are there strip clubs?

    • student says:

      strip clubs is not their culture … bitches and aids and honor-less people you can find it in the west .. where decayed culture is. Muslims are very different nation ,, they are clean and live with dignity

  2. Slash says:

    I think he was joking student my friend, that’s something you don’t have – a sense of humour. Are they living clean with dignity when they chop off the heads of women and children?

  3. […] captured with the late James Foley) reports for the Islamic State on life within Mosul (Pietervanostaeyen website), or “Meltdown” (Dabiq #6: 58-62) again by John Cantlie, where he underlines the wisdom […]

  4. […] From Inside Mosul ~ A new video testimonial from John Cantlie … Posted on IS related social media accounts on January 3 2015 A new ISIS video release featuring John Cantlie.(続きを読む) […]

  5. smash says:

    What’s the nasheed please (when he drive the car) ?

  6. […] inside Halab”, 9 Feb 2015, Jihadology.net; “From inside Mosul”, 3 jan 2015 Pietervanostaeyen website; “Inside ‘Ayn al-Islam”, 27 Oct 2014, Leaksource; see also articles in Dabiq, such as […]

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