One comment on “Salil as-Sawarim ~ Part II

  1. jonathanlk says:

    ISIS demanding 200 Million for the lives of 2 Japanese men. The peaceful (yeah right) Muslim culture is saying nothing about it, or about that 10 more people have been killed by rioting muslim terrorosts and over 170 more people injured, and in Gaza, the lives of all French have been threatened if they don’t leave. Every week more people slaughtered and kidnapped and raped by the ISlamic Boko Haram. That is all so peaceful, isn’t it? I’d hate to find out what they consider to be unpeaceful! For them peace is like in Mosul from where all Christians and Jews have been purged by ISIS (either they escaped or were murdered). Afghanistan is peaceful, which was once all Hindu and is now all Muslim because Jihadists slaughtered all the Hindus there; A Militant coup in Yemen today too (just what we need). These crimes are far worse than publishing a silly magazine that lampoons extremism, a dozen people lampoon their backward beliefs? No sense of humor? In fact all religions are late to the game. People have been around a lot longer than religions, and religions are nothing but an evolvement of cultural traditions and superstitions (including beliefs based on them). Luckily Non-Muslims have discovered science and logic in the last 500 years. But the Muslim culture seems to have not opened up to the modern world, and it provides no fundamental moral teachings founded on fairness and love, just rules and goals to conquer the world by any means. They are totally ignorant to moral behavior, to love. They should be lampooned until they are laughing themselves to death (I suppose I am being am being glib here because I don’t believe in killing except as a last resort in defending the life or lives of innocents). Would it be possible to build contemplation camps to house up to 2 billion muslims in Siberia where they could comtemplate new concepts? It would help the Russian economy. The core purpose of justice is to protect the innocent. Anyone who threatens the safety of the innocent must be isolated from society. The world has to unite to round up all the jihadists and all muslims who support them actively or passively, and permanently imprison them in complete isolation so they can’t get out and continue, ever. Quarantine them in educational facilities where they can be changed into human beings with a moral sense of decency to all mankind including westerners and Jews and women, so the malignant cancer of Jihad can be finally eliminated.

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