4 comments on “Dimā’ al-Jihād ~ The Blood of Jihād

  1. D2ISIS says:

    this looks similar to where they do the beheadings. wonder if it is… they should look further into this video.

  2. Adam B. says:

    #Baghdadi_Leaks Is This your Caliph? isi$ Shar’i Recordings http://youtu.be/jwPiPKYX9tc

    Archive: http://bit.ly/1w4gd7C

    Full video English translation: Uncover the Mask http://youtu.be/3zz78DlWxeQ

    Archive: http://bit.ly/1toxTfk

  3. Azrael says:

    Where can i download it xD Going to make IS Jihad in my house;d

  4. Khan says:

    Bunch of fucking pussies . There nothing but a bunch of terrorist group who has no sympathy towards human life.
    God will unish them.
    This isn’t islam

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