2 comments on “Mapping Iraq ~ August 1 2014

  1. RanaSahib says:

    As a responsible global citizen, one goes to great lengths to read, reflect and then comment judiciously upon certain world events, yet one is dismayed to discover that all of this effort is in vain because mainstream media sources refuse to publish anything that challenges general public opinion or offers suggestions contrary to the good of the lowest common denominator.
    Specifically, any constructive considerations or opportunities that the Islamic State or Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan presents for us are totally ignored and all the gnashing of teeth and weeping of tears in woe to the successes of the Islamic State and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are promulgated as the response of our collective wisdom. What an unfortunate mindset.
    We are our own worst enemy.

  2. დათო says:

    I greatly appreciate these maps. Very useful and interesting.

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