The Islamic State : About the Prophetic Methodology

The last video release by the Islamic State on the first day of ‘Eid al-Fitr at first looked like just another propaganda movie. The “usual” videos made up of about 80% of the already uploaded material.

We witness battle, drive-by shootings, the massive destruction of Shi’a tombs and / or mosques, da’wah meetings and at the very end, when you least suspect it mass executions. A whole caravan was led to their execution place, shot in the head and dumped in the river

I summarized on Twitter :
In short: battle, parades, drive by shootings, destruction of Shi’a tombs and above all executions Last 2 minutes made me think of Khmer Rouge

Another tweet referring to the matter by @Mario_Greenly :
The killing fields of the Islamic State in Iraq


Video: (very graphic)

Source: all official Islamic State Twitter accounts shared this. All videos were deleted. Aaron Zelin’s archive however is as accurate as ever. See here

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3 comments on “The Islamic State : About the Prophetic Methodology

  1. hythamhammer says:

    The last mass-execution of Iraqi soldiers was justified by the people who defend IS as having been styled after the early, Islamic leader Khaled Bin al-Waleed; who was fighting the Persians near a river that’s called (at that time of occurrence), ‘al-Asiel’, and as the battle slid gradually to the Persians’ side; — who were more in numbers and weapons than the Muslims — Khaled raised his head and offered God a ‘nizr’ (it’s an old, rabbanic Judaic methodism of supplicating for God to procure something), which included letting the enemy blood so much that it would start to run with the river itself to please God.

    And, so it was: Khaled Bin al-Waleed defeated those hapless Persians, still they weren’t Muslims who accept Allah as the sole God as is the case with the Shi’ites, or those who were executed rather cruelly by IS’ members (who included fat, old ex-Iraqi army soldiers that deserted it and joined ranks at al-Qaeda in the second invasion of Iraq by the Americans in 2003. So, this should be no coincidence). All in all, most of those who fight right now in both; Syria and Iraq, and vow strong allegiance to Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi were high-ranking ex-Iraqi Arrmy personnel jailed with him at Camp Bucca during 2003-2004, and released in chagrin of the weak and helpless Iraqi police-force who protested their releases.

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