ISIS crucifies three men in al-Bāb – Aleppo province

Today several messages, about three men crucified by ISIS, were published via social media. The three were apparently first executed then crucified in public places in the city of al-Bāb (Aleppo countryside).

Ahmad ‘Azizi

This man was accused of volunteering for the Syrian Arab Army’s 17th Brigade





Barakat Yassin

Accused of being a spy for the Free Syrian Army

No photos

Muhammad al-Mahmud

The reason why this person was crucified remains unknown as to this point.


In both documented crucifixions ISIS executed their obvious enemies; an Assad soldier and a traitor. Reactions on these executions and crucifixions were countered with verse 33 of Sūrat al-Mā’ida:


8 comments on “ISIS crucifies three men in al-Bāb – Aleppo province

  1. ICURPNT2 says:

    Reblogged this on THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and commented:
    Muslims have nothing to lose. They are at their height as Demons.

  2. Adnan Osman says:

    ISIS don’t represents Syrian people or Islam

    • amin says:

      it doesn’t matter they are raised up by islam and this the face off of islam whether you admit it or not

    • Fred says:

      Right, ISIS/IS is a terror squad recruited by the Zionists and supplied by USA via the Jewish lobby. Their actual aim is to weaken the Arab resistance against terror state Israel. It has already been revealed that the leader of the IS is indeed a Mossad agent, hence a Jew.

      • Fred S says:

        Last I checked, the koran and hadiths specify this as proper punishment. And it is a legal punishment in many Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia. Therefore like so many other militias, whether you accuse them of being Zionists or not, they are simply following the tenets of Islam.

  3. Abu Jacoob says:

    It seems ISIS does not see the gains to be had by showing mercy. Opting for the most extreme punishment allowed only turns the believing population against ISIS. The world is watching and showing they can actually run a state instead of just slaughter Shia would be a better plan IMHO.

  4. Rich says:

    ISIS are representative of Islam in the same way that the Ku Klux Klan are representative of Christianity.

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