33 comments on “al-Furqan media: Salil as-Sawarim ~ Part IV

  1. […] fell apart after the US left: The Maliki government abandoned and harassed them. A recent ISIS propaganda video shows militants forcing a Sahwa commander and his son to dig their own graves. The chances of Maliki […]

  2. palomino says:

    This is what the Nazis missed to film like this when they were in charge some 70 years ago !
    It is appaling to see how wasted the hearts and minds of ISIS’ followers must be if this video can be used for promotional use !

    • Slash says:

      I’m glad the Nazi’s ‘missed their chance’ to film the slaughter, even they had a tiny bit of humanity left. That they are doing this because they THINK it is ‘God’s will’ is the sickest, strangest thing. I never knew there were so many potential pyscho’s roaming the world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    […] y en ingles aqui […]

  4. Hugh Slaman says:

    What a mess these Western countries have made in this whole area, through their carving up the land, their constant, knowing support for one tyrant after another (including Saddam Hussein at one time), their genocidal blockades, their military adventurism and their utterly incompetent mismanagement of the countries they invade!

    • Proud Atheist says:

      We didn’t MAKE the mess, we just made it much worse. I am ashamed to have been manipulated into being a part of it.

  5. how do they know
    where the guys in the cars they shoot up are going? or who is in them?

    • Ibn Abu Jassem says:

      They’re watching a road leading to an Iraqi millitary base, killing the ones who are on their way to fight the Islamic State. No innocents were killed in this video.

      • robertsmith says:

        I hope that’s not an excuse for killing blindly! Such a pathetic pussy way of fighting!

      • robertsmith says:

        And by innocents you mean the people fighting against a Terrorist organisation.

      • Slash says:

        No innocents huh, and what if your son had been blown to bits just for defending the town from a bunch of religious nutters? You silly cunt.

  6. also why if they are so righteous do they hide their faces?

  7. last comment, Just too many questions to ask here, “Why do they kill the unarmed & the surrendering” ?

  8. Mayhem says:

    A tactical nuke on Ar-Raqqah. Problem solved.

  9. ben says:

    The most evil human beings in this world is THE JEWS! They are our misfortunes. They really hate muslims for saying there is no god but Allah. On the other side of evil is – pious people. The other side of black is white. The other side of jews is muslims. It is an epic war between bad and good.

  10. ben says:

    The Christians have been used as a ‘TOOL’ to fight and kill Muslims by the Jews. They leave no choice to the mujahideens. It includes the Shiites and the other “TOOL’ are to be neutralised by the mujahideens. Leave with grace or die as shaheed…

  11. […] approach, showing repentance ceremonies of large groups of Sunni tribesmen and other video clips of confession/executions. The latter often contained pictures of the Awakening members with […]

  12. […] approach, showing repentance ceremonies of large groups of Sunni tribesmen and other video clips of confession/executions. The latter often contained pictures of the Awakening members with […]

  13. […] approach, showing repentance ceremonies of large groups of Sunni tribesmen and other video clips of confession/executions. The latter often contained pictures of the Awakening members with […]

  14. […] the first of the Rashidun, the four Caliphs who succeeded the Prophet Muhammad). As images from Salil as-Sawarim 4, ‘ala Manhaj an-Nubuwwa, Tabqa airbase and even Abu Waheeb, killing the Shi’a truck drivers in […]

  15. KhilafahNews says:

    Dawla Islamiya , ne sont pas des terroriste . Dawlat al Islam Baquiya wa tatamadad !

  16. Khalil says:

    There is the truth and there is falsehood and the truth will succeed. You have your power media doings it’s deeds with the sword of the tongue you have your planes and your advanced warfare we have Allah that is sufficient for us sufficient to destroy your proxies and then sufficient for us to destroy your armies. So we wait for you cowards to come down from your planes and fight us face to face and we show how a small number of mujahideen will destroy you as Allah has promise us. Truly history repeats itself.

    • Boozy says:

      Calling our western troops cowards? Your sick men killed defenseless people driving a car, they killed multiple people surrendering and you call us cowards? Allah shall not grant you strength in battle nor will he grant you the things necessary to conquer the west. All of the Islamic State will die and I’m looking forward for this day to come.

  17. […] het al laat werd en het gesprek internationaal ging, keken we samen naar Clanging of the Swords, part IV en Flames of War, de recruteringsfilms van de Islamitische staat. ‘De muziek is […]

  18. Ihateusetoobutidoubttherightousofwhatisispromoting says:

    I never consider Islam as terrorists as others do, terrorists are just terrorists by nature and whom in this video holding the gun shooting innocent ones in the name of ‘Islam’ are just terrorists to me, You are putting shame on your religion as well as your Muslim fellows indeed.

  19. James says:

    Does anyone happen to know who the first man SOEAKING in salil sawarim 4 is ? The man who draws the large knife and is seen destroying passports. He appears around the one or two minute mark. I have seen his face now in at least one more Al-furqan propaganda video and I am curious if his identity is known as well as nationality etc and his importance to ISIS’ cause. Hopefully someone is paying attention and is attempting to drop a bomb on his skull. I found it odd that I repeatedly am seeing his face in these horrifying videos. I pay pretty close attention and haven’t really recognized any other faces reappearing. Any info would be appreciated.

  20. abdul says:

    everybody wants to have a go at dawla more Dan fifty countries pataking in fighting dem either materially millitaryly or thru information media yet they are holding deir ground dis guys r men of steel
    1000 plus is defending tikrit from 30000isf Irani millitia yet dey r slautering d isf and deir militia like chickens. they r good.

  21. Victor says:

    People should read up on what’s been happening in Iraq the last 5-10 years.

    At the height of the sectarian conflict, even with American troops still in Iraq, Over 50 bodies, many executed with a power drill, would be found every morning in Baghdad. These were victims of Shia deathsquads, who operated with impunity, thanks to the Shia government.

    Iraqi Sunni Moslems haven’t just lost jobs and privileges. They’ve also been victims of a campaign of terror, with the Iraqi (Shia) government only too happy to look the other way.

    That is the primary reason for the kind of blind hate exposed in this video, more than religious extremism.

  22. fjiaosdfsdaf says:

    thanks abrahamic religion. this will always be the scariest video on earth, and all we have to thank is religion

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