Abu Muhammad al-Adnani about the allegations made against ISIS by Jabhat an-Nusra leader Abu Abdullah al-Shami

This statement was released on March 7th in reaction of Jabhat an-Nusra’s allegations against The Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham.



To those who want Jihad, Help the religion, implement Shariah, guidance lend me your ears and contemplate.

Quran Ayat about the fiercest people against the believers being the Jews and the Polytheists.

If you want to know the truth look at who the worst enemies of America/Jews/Shia and dictators. Who angers them? Who threatens their security? Who is their constant source of worry and fear? Who do they plot against day and night? Against who did they use all their media outlets? Who’s image did they distort? Who did they accuse? etc.

They are the Mujahidin, but for God’s sake oh you who wants Jihad, isn’t ISIS on the top of this list? Is there any other entity in the world that the nations of Kufr have agreed on fighting it? And they claim that ISIS has ruined the Jihad in Iraq and that they want to ruin it in Syria!!

Is it logical that ISIS is ruining Jihad in Syria and the nations of Kufr unite on fighting it and getting rid of it? Wouldn’t it make more sense if they left it if it’s true that they are ruining Jihad? Or are the infidels Guardians of the Jihad? Are you satisfied that you are in same row as Salim Idris/Jarba /Marouf etc. And behind them the Americans and Saudi Arabia?

By God their support for you and their happiness with your fighting against ISIS should be a good enough reason to stop fighting us. Oh you wants Guidance, the Prophet said best of people will be brought to Syria. So look at Muhajirs and see what row they are today. Do you think that they left homes & money to ruin Jihad? Or to fight Jihad? Did they leave families to fight Mujahids or to fight Assad?

Did they come to steal money or to defend the property and dignity of the oppressed? O Muhajir (foreign fighter) that’s still a part of the groups, stop, and look around you, see how many of the Muhajir remained with you. O Ansar (Syrians) (Quran Ayat about those who emigrated in Gods cause). Shelter Muhajiren because they are safety valve in every arena

Beware that you are not a sword for Americans, or arrow of Alawites & without knowng, don’t be in trench of democracy without realizing. Fear God with us Oh servants of God, Fear god with this oppressed state. Everyone is united on taking it down even if the reason are various and the accusations are different. The goal is one.

The Crusaders and Arab dictators fight us because we are terrorists. The Shia fight us under the claim that we are Wahhabi Infidels that work for America, JEws and Saudi Arabia. The Sahwat in Iraq fight us under claim that we are agents of Iran & Sahwat in Syria fight us under the cliam that we are Assad agents. The Islamic Front, the Front of Destruction, the Front of Aal salul (KSA) fight us because we are Khawarij.

Jawlani’s Front, the Front of Betrayal and Treachery they fight us under the claim that we#re aggressors & do not want Shariah court. If we requested only 1 proof they would not be able to provide it, this claims are false & accusations are false, they’re without proof. And not a single positive attribute was mentioned, as if ISIS is pure evil, and as if all the evil in Syria/Iraq is because of ISIS.

If a house or neigborhoud is raided. They say because of ISIS. If an area is bombed or house is destroyed they say because of ISIS. If a woman is killed here and a child there they say ISIS, or if they found a body or mass grave they say who else but ISIS? And if someone is kidnapped they say may ISIS be damned. And if the water is cut they say ISIS. Or electricity is shut they say ISIS.

Everyone is fighting ISIS and is trying hard to finish it, and everyone accuses that ISIS is attacking everyone. For gods sake, mention us one group that we started fighting before it started fighting us. Rather are patient towards them. Rather its (for) the Dinar and Dollar. Its blind envy and dark hatred.

If we were more extreme than the Azariqa (Khawarij group) it wold have been a must to leave us aslong as we leave you. And are fighting the Shia, rather it would’ve been a must on the nation to help us as long as we fight the enemy. So how is it then with us being the harshest against extremists. Not a single group is spared of them, since the time of the Prophet.

We do not find out about one except that we rush to teach him, punish him or kick him out of our ranks. This is message we send to everyone who accuses us of extremism. Scholars/Shaykhs/and leaders/soldiers in any group & every Muslim. Come to our areas whether in Iraq or Syria and see our HQs, and or training camps and our institutions.

And meet whoever yo want, our soldiers/leaders etc. and see for yourself. And this is specially for the soldiers of other groups. Be cautious o you who wants to fight Jihad, don’t be deceived and fight the Mujahidin. Our doors are open, come and see for yourself. For by God you will find us the harshest people against extremists and Khawarij.

What is injust is that accusations are thrown at us without proof, & if you ask for proof they will say: A trusted source told me. Subhanallah! What if source is opponent of ours? And if you ask proof for us being Khawarij. they will say because they kill Muslim! Our fighters in Iraq and Syria are waging battles and fighting day and night, our guns do not separate from us even in our sleeps.

But there’s not a single group or army that does not have ignorant people and people that make mistakes. Anyone who killed Muslims from ISIS is because of ignorance or mistake. The Prophet used to clear his name of Shaba that killed people. And I add to this incidents that ISIS is accused of which we had no part of, so fear God!

And what about the people that neglect crimes of other groups and put their fingers in their ears and went looking for ISIS mistakes. So he finds an incident and makes it bigger, and repeats it and then makes it an attribute of ISIS and its ideology. And they say ISIS refuses Shariah Court! Does ISIS fight West & East except to implement Shariah?

But those FOOLS made their initiates Shariah, so whoever refuses their initiatives for legit reasons they make t like he rejected Sharia ISIS has never refused Shariah law rather we have accepted several joint courts like; killing Abu Ubayda and Muhammad Faris, etc and Tawhid checkpoint, and Tawhids killing of 2 ISIS, and Nusra’s killing of Attiyah al-Inzi etc.

But they rejected a joint court and came with deceit and conspiracies and made it sound like rejecting initiatives is rejecting Shariah. Maybe it is that the first order of the court is that ISIS leaves Syria, like on of the main people said on one of the TV stations. And leaving Syria for the hyenas, foxes, wolves and traitors and thieves.

They only want one thing.

Not recognizing the Islamic State and getting rid of it, first they used peaceful conspiracies but they found ISIS growing. So they resorted to violence thinking they would get rid of it in a few days, so they planned a full out military campaign in Syria. But they found ISIS to be more solid than they had expected. So they started to blme on another, and complain and cry.

The summary of distortions came in audio of Abu Abdullah al-Shami the Liar, who’s audio I listened to once & counted around 40 lies. And here are some I Will do Mubahalah with him over Claim we raised issue to Zawahiri, * ISIS uses lies to give legitimacy to ideology *is waging campaign to distort leaders of Jihad.

That it started its raids in Syria with attacks on Nusra HQs/weapon depots. * ISIS distorts someone’s image as soon as he disagrees. * That our characterstic is treachery and betrayal. * That it breaks treaties. * Swears on God whilst lying. * Threatening Abu Khalid several times * Refusing Sharia court. * makes Takfir of people based on people sitting with infidels.

* That ISIS makes Takfir based on thoughts and probabilities. * That it calls anyone that opposes it Sahwat. * That it uses Taqiyah.. * That it started agression on the others. * That ISIS is considered the biggest obstacle in Jihad in Syria and repulsing Nusayris. Oh God punish the person that’s lying (from us two) and make him an example for others. [3 times]

Translation by: https://twitter.com/IraqiWitness

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