Belgian ISIS member testifies about the Sahwa in Syria

On February 21 I stumbled upon a tweet by the ever informative twitter account of @IraqiWitness :


The video was posted on LiveLeak by the Dutch journalist Harald Doornbos, and can be seen here (very graphic!).

After a few seconds it became clear that this ISIS member wasn’t Dutch. The Flemish (Belgian) accent originates from the city of Antwerp. The Facebook account used to publish this video belongs to a Belgian fighter, who only describes himself as a guest in Shām, openly stating he stems from Antwerp.

Guy Van Vlierden, a journalist working for the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, identified him as Azeddine Kbir, a kick boxer formerly earning a living as a cleaner for ISS. Azeddine lived in Borgerhout, Antwerp, before he left for the Jihād in Syria.


This is a translation of his message :

In the name of God, most merciful, most benignant.

We are here now, in Haratayn. This is a message and an obvious piece of evidence to those claiming we are Khawārij. These are the real Khawārij. Do you see what this Kāfir Murtad looks like? Is he a Shahīd?! People, Muslims, living in Europe and all over the world, saying Muslims fight Muslims: is he a Shahīd?

Is he a Shahīd fī sabīl Allah [path of God]!? Do they fight in Sabīl Allah Yā Ikhwa [do they fight in the path of God brothers]? Look at this Kalb [dog], this Murtad, who raped our sisters, killed and imprisoned our brothers! This is their destiny!

And look here by God. Our brothers of the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Shām, may God be merciful for them.

Isn’t this clear for you brothers? By God, this is clear evidence! These guys are Sahawāt, Sahawāt and Kilāb.

This video most likely dates back to earlier this month, when ISIS -troops left Haratayn for ‘Azāz.

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