Ayman az-Zawahiri’s Attempt to Stop Syria’s Fitna

For about the month the infighting between rebel groups in Syria is raging on. Thus far it is estimated that about 1500 Mujahidin are already killed. There have been some attempts of reconciliation between the groups involved. To no advance.

And then Ayman az-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s number one, stepped in. In an ultra short audio-message he urged on all Mujahidin in Syria to unite ranks in the fight against al-Assad and stop the infighting.



English subtitles:

Translation (pdf):


Dr. ‘Abd Allah bin Muhammad al-Muhaysini, an independent Jihadist preacher, agreed with Dr. Z and offered to negotiate between the parties involved:

Video (English subtitles):

Jabhat an-Nusra, seemingly worried by the continuous fighting between ISIS and other groups agreed with the mediation attempt:

It will be interesting to see whether also the groups still fighting eachother will agree with Sheikh Muhaysini’s proposal.

Statement (Arabic):



One comment on “Ayman az-Zawahiri’s Attempt to Stop Syria’s Fitna

  1. […] is to be found in the last audio message by Dr. Ayman az-Zawāhirī, published last week (see blogpost). On Sunday, February 2nd, Shaykh al-Muhaysini, launched a new peace initiative (to be posted and […]

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