Jabhat an-Nusra ~ New Alliances

After Syria’s first week of rebel infighting it seems at least one party is gaining some profit from it.

Jabhat an-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, was already reported to have been taking over ISIS bases. Where ISIS was repelled, either Harakat Ahrār as-Shām, Jabhat an-Nusra or FSA forces took over. Jabhat an-Nusra offered to negotiate between the parties fighting but indeed blamed ISIS for the current mayhem. On January 7th the group released an audio recording of its leader, Abū Muhammad al-Jūlānī (see this poston the Jihadology website for the statement and a transcript in Arabic)

But it wasn’t just turf Jabhat an-Nusra (re)gained. On January 13, they officially announced several (smaller) groups in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, pledging allegiance. Here is an overview :

Officially announced via al-Manāra al-Baydā :

بيعة سرايا الناصر صلاح الدين لـ #جبهة_النصرة في غوطة #دمشق الشرقية ولله الحمد
Sarāyā an-Nāsir Salāh ad-Dīn


بيعة كتائب درع الشام الإسلامية لـ #جبهة_النصرة في غوطة #دمشق الشرقية ولله الحمد
Katā’ib Dar’a as-Shām al-Islāmiyya


بيعة كتائب عاصمة الغوطة لـ #جبهة_النصرة في غوطة #دمشق الشرقية ولله الحمد
Katā’ib ‘Āsima al-Ghūta


بيعة كتائب عيسى ابن مريم لـ #جبهة_النصرة في غوطة #دمشق الشرقية ولله الحمد
Katā’ib ‘Īsā ibn Maryam


بيعة كتائب نور الغوطة لـ #جبهة_النصرة في غوطة #دمشق الشرقية ولله الحمد
Katā’ib Nūr al-Ghūta


بيعة كتيبة جنود الرحمن لـ #جبهة_النصرة في غوطة #دمشق الشرقية ولله الحمد
Katībat Junūd ar-Rahmān


As one might have noticed, the groups that joined Jabhat an-Nusra officially are just smaller brigades. It is estimated that with these new allies Jabhat an-Nusra in Damascus gained some 750 to 1000 fighters.

Suqūr al-‘Izz

But another rumor spread swiftly this afternoon. It was said Katībat Suqūr al-‘Izz (a Northern-Latakia based group dominated by foreign fighters) split up, some members joining ISIS, some joining Jabhat an-Nusra. Later it was refuted, all joined Jabhat an-Nusra:

@a_kandary: إلى الأخوة خبر انضمام أبطال صقور العز لقاعدة الجهاد جبهة النصرة ..
صحيح تأكيد من الإدارة هناك
أقسم بالله دمعت عيناي من الفرحة

@abo_al_hassan: قد نزلتم منزلكم يا تيجان الرؤوس :

كتيبة صقور العز


جبهة النصرة
تنظيم قاعدة الجهاد في بلاد الشام


3 comments on “Jabhat an-Nusra ~ New Alliances

  1. Jasmine Opperman says:

    Excellent and thank you!! I have stated on a LinkedIn thread a few months back that Syria has become the rubicon for terrorism, in terms of ideology, objectives, methods and targets. I still maintain that perspective. Next in line: Afghanisatan. For Africa, Cameroon.

  2. Abu Bakr says:

    false false false false
    are the same men.
    the same trucks.
    the same flags.
    there is no New Alliances
    for evidence: justpaste.it/goliani_falsehood

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