British Mujāhidīn in Syria

I have no idea whatever caused the rush on British foreign fighters in Syria, but suddenly the hunt for the ‘bearded European’ has been re-opened. It all started with a video by Vice, featuring an interview with two Brits who currently fight in Syria. The interview as such, is highly interesting as these guys explain what made them leave their home towns in the UK for Jihād in war-torn Syria.

    Video 1:

Some, it seems, became intrigued by this and started digging in further. Not that it is too hard to find British Mujāhidīn in Syria on social media, but in this particular case passive structure became active structure. In stead of being quoted, @I_Jaman_ just explained his vision. Although half of the interview is not broadcasted, this is one of the best yet with ‘foreign-fighters’.

    Video 2:

8 comments on “British Mujāhidīn in Syria

  1. Khan says:

    Lock these people up

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