A strategic mistake ~ ISIS beheads a member of Harakat Ahrār as-Shām

Here is picture from a while ago, the Syrian Islamic Front, Jabhat an-Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Shām (ISIS) posing as brothers in arms :


The question is how long that will last. Since a few weeks the amount of anti-ISIS propaganda is in a steep rise; this all culminated when al-Jazeera published an audio file by Dr. Ayman az-Zawāhirī. Republished actually. (See www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/Nov-08/237219-zawahiri-disbands-main-qaeda-faction-in-syria-jazeera.ashx)

The message by the leader of al-Qaeda dates back to May. AQC stresses that Jabhat an-Nusra is the only representative of al-Qaeda in Syria; the role of ISIS is somewhat unclear but az-Zawāhirī does not acknowledge them. ISIS replied by indirectly questioning az-Zawahiri’s authority.

Ever since this renewed message got out, we see more and more evidence of Jabhat an-Nusra videos appearing bearing a new flag.
The flag reeds : Tandhīm Qā’ida al-Jihād fī Bilād as-Shām .
This fact alone seems to indicate that Jabhat an-Nusra is taking a distance from it’s former ally ISIS. (More info: http://levantnbeyond.blogspot.fr/2013/11/jabhet-al-nusra-only-official-qaeda-in.html)

Yet, these discussions are futile when it comes to the third party involved.

In this video a rebel got killed in a hospital after he uttered some alleged Shi’a slogans under anesthesia.

ISIS decapitated him and then it turned out that they killed a member of Harakat Ahrar as-Sham.

These kinds of mishaps and media leaks are hurting ISIS’s reputation; they might show us what ISIS stands for … something beyond al-Qaeda …

Update : @AbuSiqr: Story of the martyrdom of Mohammad Fares, Ahrar member, who was beheaded – story according to ISIS leader OMar Al Qahtani (1)
@AbuSiqr: In short. Mohammad fares was wounded during the clashes with the rafidha and nusayriyah – he was rushed to the hospital but thought he (2)
@AbuSiqr: Was captured by the shabiha and so he was asking them to kill him in the ambulance. In the hospital he began calling out ‘ya hussein, ya (3)
@AbuSiqr: Zainab, again to deceive the shabiha believing he was captured by them. Some ISIS were in The hospital to receive treatment and heard (4)
@AbuSiqr: This, so they asked an Ahrar member who is he and he said – he is captured by Ahrar Al Sham and they want 2 question him. Thereafter he (5)
@AbuSiqr: Beheaded with the belief that he was a Iraqi rafidhi – may Allah have mercy on him – story accrding 2 Umar al Qahtani (6)

November 14

Harakat Ahrār as-Shām releases a ‘wanted poster’ on the two ISIS members who presumedly beheaded him:


@AbuSiqr: PRT: ISIS has detained killers of Mohammad Fares of Ahrar and waiting for what follows

A quote : The problem with this group [ISIS] is that they seek recognition. Some of their members are so obsessed by the anti-Shi’a rethoric, they will kill anyone they think is Shi’i. Most important is discipline, something Jabhat an-Nusra masters and ISIS does not. When you combine these, you do not only create a powerful group, you create a monster out of control

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