YPG advances throughout northeast Syria


An aspect of the war in Syria that remains somewhat overlooked by analysts and main stream media is the war waging in Syria’s northeast. Since clashes between Kurdish and Jihadist forces started the fog of war has seldom been thicker. We had two sources for what was going on; some twitter-accounts and websites run by PYD and YPG and a massive overload of Jihadi accounts who reported success after success. It seemed the Kurds were fighting a lost battle; day upon day some Jihadi claim was published stating killing Kurdish fighters by the dozens. This all started to shift when Kurdish YPG-forces on October 24 claimed they conquered the al-Ya’rubiyya border crossing with Iraq. At first this claim was denied by several Jihadi sources. An epic war of photoshopping started; the game of have or have not was terminated on October 26 when Kurdish sources posted decisive evidence that they indeed conquered the border-crossing and town.



Recent developments:

This overview of recent developments is mainly based on direct contact with Kurdish activists and official media releases by YPG or PYD.

After the Kurdish forces conquered al-Ya’rubiyya it seems they gained a second breath; suddenly the stand-still between ISIS, Jabhat an-Nusra and SIF on the one hand and Kurdish fighters on the other part was broken. Events, it seems, turned in favor of the Kurdish opposition.

Here are some maps, recently published by inside Kurdish sources:

November 3:

al-Assadiyya village conquered by YPG

Imageal-Assadiyya and Bi’r Nur conquered, remaining ISIS troops fled west:

ImageMishrafa, held by ISIS, but surrounded by YPG

ImageTell Dhiyab and al-Qusayr village in Serekaniye in control of YPG


November 4:

Mishrafa village liberated by YPG forces:

ImageReports: Afsar Najar and Tell Halef liberated by YPG:


November 5:

YPG confirms it is in control of Tell ‘Irqan and ‘Azazziyya west of Tell Halef

ImageYPG – ISIS clashes reported at around 11 AM GMT+1  26km west of Serekaniye (Ra’s al-‘Ayn)

ImageA last update for November 5:

Suicide bomber killed  and number of ISIS members captured in Manajir by YPG

ImageAt 7 PM (GMT+1) November 5 the media office of PYD released the following:

The battle of SereKaniye region lasted 353 days between YPG and al Qaeda affiliated groups, ended with the victory of YPG.


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