Russian mercenaries in Syria

Yesterday, October 20th, Jihādī sources spread the news on twitter that they found some documents after a raid on a regime stronghold near as-Sukhnah. These documents all point toward a Hong Kong based firm offering mercs (and more) for hire.

The report was originally posted on the KavkazCenter website :

It states that during the attack of ISIS and other groups near as-Sukhna:
Russian mercenaries were also among the eliminated. The name of at least one Russian infidel is established for sure. This is a certain Aleksei Malyuta from Abinsk, Russia’s Krasnodar Territory.

The captured documents reveal that the recruitment of Russian mercenaries for Syria’s Assad regime is carried out by a Hong Kong-based Slavonic Corps Limited. The General Director of the company is a certain S. V. Kramsky.

It actually is unclear whether Aleksei got either killed or captured by ISIS, it is said he just lost his documents during the raid.

A quick search for this Slavonic Corps Limited gives us following:

As @troublejee found out the company was founded on January 18, 2012:

Here are some photo’s of documents captured:







8 comments on “Russian mercenaries in Syria

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  4. alli789 says:

    This Russian today the live… it returned to Russia… returned without a backpack and without personal belongings and documents…

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