Tracking Twitter ~ some Ideas

Define Twitter?

140 characters of free text using hash tags (#) for topics and @’s for users
And that is just the customer facing part of it, a lot more is going on.

Twitter knows you and knows more than you even told it … These add-ons give you small insight

Here’s an experiment with my own profile …

One of my favorite add-ons for Twitter


The problem with tweepsmap is that it is anonymous. You get a rough idea about who’s following you

Far more interesting is this freeware tool twitonomy

This little piece of ingenious software gives you all the details encrypted in your 140 character message. Your location, the device you use, your interactions and connections, …

Below I will post some screenshots to point out the amazing set of functionalities this tool provides. You might be amazed about what Twitter can tell you about yourself and those who mention you. Some of these functionalities can be perceived as a breach of privacy, yet again, if the data is available why shouldn’t we use it …








An example of the most scary feature of this software. My friend Wim Luyckx states in his bio that he travels between Brussels and Odessa; Twitonomy just knows which tweets were send from Odessa and which from Brussels …


The most useful feature about Twitonomy is that you cannot only analyze yourself, but other Twitter users as well …

This software is a must if you want that little extra in analyzing open source intelligence …

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