An eye for an eye – Jabhat an-Nusra’s Campaign in Revenge of the Chemical Attacks

August 21st is probably the grimmest day thus far in the Syrian war. Early in the morning regime forces launched several chemical attacks on Damascus suburbs; the main target being Eastern Ghouta, a Damascene suburb where Islamists have a broad support base.

The world was shocked, in a single day about 1429 Syrian civilians were killed. It did’nt take long before Islamist groups like Jabhat an-Nusra and ISIS declared they would revenge their dead. A few days after the attacks Jabhat an-Nusra released a new audio-message by it’s leader Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani.

In this post the audio-message and an English translation are published, including some examples of attacks in Jabhatan-Nusra’s new campaign.

The statement:

The translation:

The Nusayri regime has shelled Eastern Ghouta with tens of rockets with a suffocating chemical substance, which led to the death of hundreds of children, women, men and children. The regime shelled after it getting a green light from the international system, which its participation in the crime appeared obvious to every observer and follower. It has been shelled by the regime after the greater part of its military and security force have been shattered and it began to feel the approach of his near possible end and demise and after it failed to confront the men it pour its rage on the children, so to the bereaved mothers of the children and to our people in Eastern Ghouta I say:

The revenge for the blood of your sons is a debt in our necks and the neck of every mujahid, and we won’t be free from it until we make them taste what they made our sons taste since it has been legalized for us to punish in the same way (If ye punish, then punish with the like of that wherewith ye were afflicted) 126 Surah An-Nahl.

That’s why we declare a series of “An Eye for an Eye Ghazawahs”. Ghazawahs launched against the Nusayri villages for every chemical rocket that fell on our people in Al-Sham which their villages will pay for it Allah willing, and moreover, we allocate one thousand rocket that will be launched on their villages in revenge for the massacre of Ghouta of Al-Sham.

The blood of the sons of the Sunnah aren’t cheap and in significant as those fools think, so people of jihad in the land of Al-Sham and soldiers of Jabhat Al-Nusra, the people of Al-Sham do not have after Allah from supporter or aide other than you, so don’t let your days pass and your sun set without the flames of your fire that demolish their homeland.

This is your day heroes of Damascus, soldiers of battle in Dara’a, brave men of Homs, falcons of Lattakia, Shers of Hamah, knights of Idlib, men of war in Aleppo, lions of Deir, ambushers of Ar-Raqqah and courageous men of Al-Hasakah, show them from you a black frown day, show them a sword that knocks their heads, and shakes the earth under their feet.

Some of Jabhat an-Nusra’s attacks in the campaign:

August 28, attacks on some villages in Aleppo Province:






August 28, attacks on villages in Latakia Province:



August 30: Attack on al-Hamam village in Aleppo Province:


September 1: rocket attacks on the Syrian army with missiles:


August 27 (published September 5): succesful attack on a Colonel of the Syrian Regime forces:


September 4: attacks on army strongholds in Homs Province


In total, so far, Jabhat an-Nusra released 13 statements in this campaign via it’s offcial Twitter account … More will follow …

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