New statement by Aymann az-Zawahiri ~ Leader of al-Qaeda

This new audio statement by Aymann az-Zawahiri, leader of al-Qaeda, was published on July 31st.


In this audio message these are some statements by the al-Qaeda leader:

“We say to our people in as-Sham that al-Qaeda will never take away your right to choose a leader governing by Sharia”

“When the ruling of Islam is established in Sham and the Ummah unites upon a leader, then he is our choice (we will follow)”

“al-Qaeda wants a Khalifah whom the Ummah is pleased and the majority agrees”

“An Islamic State will be declared with the co operation of all Mujahideen and Nobles”

“People of as-Sham, al-Qaeda does not want to snatch your right of choosing a muslim leader who will govern by Quran & Sunnah”

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