A Russian in the Ranks of ISIS ?

This video is one of the weirdest I encountered during my research on Jihadism in Syria


I add some of the thougths by people who picked it up.

The alleged Jihadi we see here is supposed to be Russian. I have no idea whatsoever why top-ranking Jihadi’s in the ranks of the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham shared this … But as you can see it clearly isn’t some piece of normal Jihadi propaganda.

The guy is higly nervous and speaking Russian poorly according to sources …

Video first than some comments …

The unknown Russian:

The comments I received:

some tweets I received by Vladimir Ahmedov

So, watched this vid. Good that he holds al-Quran in his right hand, not left. [He is holding the Qur’an in his left hand though] Amazing that he calls for Jihad Americans first, then Russian,  then Ural (as if it independent state), then Caucasus. He claims that he speaks from the region controlled by ISIS. He doesn’t ID himself as a fighter of ISIS at least he doesn’t do w/out lefting any doubts that he is from ISIS. His Russian is very poor. He is very scared for man ready for jihad, even in its 1st meaning. not to day sacrificing his life. His text is full improvisation. Ppl who r ready (naked ready) for jihad usually look more confident or read their text. He is in full consciousness and isn’t very happy that he has to say this. That’s why he tries to end his speech as soon as possible. I didn’t her “halas” in the end. My be cause there was no “end” he is obviously from Caucasus origins.Knows some Arabic words. Knows Russian badly. We have planty like him in Moscow on vegetable markets, taxi, walking on streets. Common impression: he isn’t serious in his words. There is no feeling that he is a true believe and decided for himself everything. That’s why he mixed words, makes pauses, corrects himself. On the other hand, can’t exclude that he is a mentally ill or under strong pressure

Other people plainly called him a nutcase …

My idea ?  A simple guy, used in a weird way of propaganda …

One comment on “A Russian in the Ranks of ISIS ?

  1. weirdrussia says:

    has some eastern (kazakh) accent. according to his speech and what he says, he is just a mentally challenged guy.

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