North-Eastern Syria ~ A Map of clashes between Kurds and Jihadi Fighters

There has always been some strife between the Kurdish rebels in Syria and the Jihadi’s of Jabhat an-Nusra. Several clashes were reported before. Yet, the plot thickens it would seem … In the last few days we see more claims of Kurdish attacks on Jihadi strongholds. Some recent articles on the matter:

Today, we witnessed fierce attacks by the Kurdish opposition fighters. Thanks to @ShamiWitness we were able to draw this rather crappy (but hey it is my first) map of the area of interest of the Kurds in Syria.

Below, there are are some statements via @ShamiWitness concerning the clashes in the various places on the map.


Here is a link to the map I made based on received info:,41.520081&spn=1.374032,2.807007

Some aditionial info via Shami and others (via Twitter):

Sheikh Musab Abu Mariya,General Commander of Jabhat an Nusra in Eastern Region, has issued a call to all brigades to rush to free Ras al Ayn

FSA and Jabhat an Nusra reinforcements have arrived in Ras Al Ayn.

In Jul Agha, (جل أغا ), near Qamishli, Jabhat an Nusra targeted a PKK checkpoint, killing three.

Clarification:Islamic State of Iraq & Sham and Ahrar ash Sham reinforced Jabhat an Nusra against PKK in al Yaroubiyah (اليعربية )

Jabhat an Nusra kills 11 PKK fighters in 1 day in Qamishli, siezed 3 SUVs , destroys 3 checkpoints. Everybody plz note the clashes occured in Suwidiyah, Qamishli.


As the fight seems to be continuing, it would be awkward trying to document all of it. My advice, if you want a first line account on what is going on; here is the source for Shami’s tweets and the map:

If you don’t read Arabic follow @ShamiWitness, @vvanwilgenburg or me (@p_vanostaeyen) on Twitter


A new map update by one of the best Cédric Labrousse on his Facebook page :


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