How Jihadi propaganda works ~ an example

This video is an excellent example of how Jihadi propaganda works. Remember that most of the youngsters leaving their safety and comfort in Europe to fight in Syria, are no hardcore Jihadi’s; they’re just people that get emotionally involved in the atrocities they see every day on all (Arabic) news channels. As for local Sunni’s, I choose too let them speak for themselves. This post is a mere perception …

This video can be seen as an example of a three step methodology:

  1. show the horror of war: by making a video and photo compilation, hereby using the most touching scenes, the video gives more than one reason to get involved in the war in Syria. If you see some of the pics used, you recognize them as the strongest and most grasping images of the war.Image
  2. get some influential people on tape: after a while the viewer gets not only involved; some understandable feeling of rage emerges. In this video we see an outraged witness appearing at least three times, we see a young boy, speaking as if he was at least a decade older. While a furious speach of a Sheikh echoes in the background, the pictures of horror and human loss follow each other; one more gruesome than the other.
  3. war emerges: the viewer ended up seeing nothing but pain, bloodshed and horror. The Jihadi speach in the background fades away … While the Nasheed Jaljalat is increasing in volume the viewer is confronted with some of the most succesful attacks by the Jihadi front in Syria.

One can imagine that messages like these, spread via all kinds of digital media, can attract recruits for war …

This video is highly recommended yet some of the images are shocking …

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