Hizballah Cavalcade: Roundup of Iraqis Killed in Syria, Part 3

New on the #HizballahCavalcade by @PhillipSmyth

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NOTE: For prior parts in the Hizballah Cavalcade series you can view an archive of it all here.

Roundup of Iraqis Killed in Syria, Part 3

By Phillip Smyth

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Collecting information for profiles of Iraqi Shia killed fighting in Syria became more complicated following further acknowledgements by Hizballah’s leadership of their involvement in Syria.[1] Concurrently, Liwa’a Abu Fadl al-Abbas (LAFA), the Damascus-based pro-Assad Shia militia which includes a large number of Iraqi Shia, also became more open with their recognition of Lebanese Hizballah members killed serving with the group. Thus, announcements-of-death for Iraqi LAFA members were often mixed with large numbers of Lebanese Hizballah martyrdom announcements.

Martyrdom declarations for Iraqi Shia have also continued to follow a format where the majority of dead individuals have only one or two photographs of themselves released. Often, the photographs…

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