A new contest : Jihadivision

While the whole world is hooked on yet another edition of the Eurovision Song Festival, my Iraqi friend Aymenn J Al-Tamimi (@ajaltamimi) had the great idea of opening another contest in reaction. Here comes Jihadivision, a compilation of 24 Jihadi Anasheed, every video is introduced by our editor in chief for this evening, Aymenn.

Time to announce my alternative song contest to the awful #Eurovision: folks, I give you #Jihadivision !!! I will post 24 jihadist anasheed and simply RT and favourite if you want to vote for it as your favourite. #Jihadivision

Nasheed #1: ‘Madin kas-Sayf’ by Abu Ali:
Technically Saudi, but in #Jihadivision we have no artificial borders!

Nasheed #2: ‘Jaljalat’ by Abu Ali:

Nasheed #3: ‘Oh Ummah of Tawhid, Get Up…’: by Abu Muslim al-Hadrami.

Nasheed #4: ‘Remnants of Glory’ by Abu Ali:

Nasheed #5: ‘Sharid Bihim’: A favourite of Suqur al-Sham and Ahrar al-Sham.

Nasheed #6: ‘Labbayk’, a favourite of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Bilad ash-Sham:

Nasheed #7: ‘Allahu Akbar ya Shaheed’, by Promised Day Brigades: http://www.almaoaod.net/ . For sake of diversity, #Jihadivision includes #Shia

Nasheed #8: ‘Fight the enemies of God’ by Promised Day Brigades:

Nasheed #9: ‘Khaybar Khaybar o #Jews‘, #Hezbollah:

Nasheed #10: ‘With the Battalions of Faith’:

Nasheed #11: personal entry of @ElSaltador and @p_vanostaeyen : ‘We are the helpers of #Sharia‘: http://ia601600.us.archive.org/18/items/Ansar-sharea-khowlan/Ansar2.mp3 … #Jihadivision

Nasheed #12: time for a #Sufi jihadist song! ‘The Naqshibandi has cried for preparing the horsemen’:

Nasheed #13: ‘Ghurabaa’ (‘Strangers’):

Nasheed #14: ‘By our #Jihad‘, an Abu Ali classic:

Nasheed #15: Dedicated by Pieter Van Ostaeyen to #Jihad in #Chechnya:

Nasheed #16: ‘The time has arrived for the assault’, dedicated to Jabhat al-Nusra in Bilad ash-Sham:

Thanks to @troublejee for previous nasheed. Now #Jihadivision will be taking a short commercial break to prepare for the remaining anasheed.

[Intermission loaded with propaganda for Pepsi drinking Jihadi’s in Syria ~ please go buy a Pepsi now and then come back to us]

… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … [men wearing scarfs with huge beards drinking Pepsi and eating Belgian chocolate and waffles] …
Nasheed #17: ‘Ala Ard bil-dam inkatab’, by #Hezbollah:
Nasheed #18: ‘Ya Jaish al-Ahrar, Taqaddam’, dedicated to #Jihad in Bilad ash-Sham:
Nasheed #19: ‘We are lions in war, not afraid’: Favourite of #Sinai#Gaza Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen.
By popular suggestion, Nasheed #20: ‘Al-qawlu al-qawlu sawarim’:
Nasheed #21: ‘Na’am Qaatil’:
Nasheed #22: ‘Ya Zeinab!’ dedicated to the Liwaa Abu el-Fadl al-Abbas Brigades:
Nasheed #23: ‘They killed you, o #Baghdad‘:
What better way to conclude than with a tribute to the al-Qaeda flag? Nasheed #24: ‘Banner of Tawhid’:
That’s it, folks! All 24 anasheed are up for voting as part of the #Jihadivision contest. Favourite, RT and comment! Feedback most welcome!
But we, at Jihadivision, are as unpredictable as Jihad itself and so we post Nasheed 25, hors categorie of course (but a winner !) …
Sami Yusuf steps in to offer a closing act for the #Jihadivision song contest: ‘My Ummah’, for a united Muslim world:
But hey, the Syrian Islamic Front just joined us with this great contribution:
We hope you enjoyed. Votes are open; just send us the number of your favorite. The Grand Jury will exist out of the following people:

@ajaltamimi – President
@p_vanostaeyen – Secretary

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  1. Thisisit says:

    Would appreciate if you could identify this great tune! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=384_1367399515

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