Syria ~ Cultural History down the drain of Sectarian War

In this post I will try to explain what made me care for Syria, a country and culture I came to love as it was my own. The pictures in this post were taken during my six week trip around the country. I left for Syria just to witness what I wrote about, two dissertations about the country’s history during the Crusades. Both of my dissertations were inspired by Yussuf ibn Ayyub, a Kurd from Tikrit, who reconquered Jersualem for Islam in October 1187. And so my trip to Syria was somewhat of a spiritual experience for me.

Every single Crusader castle mentioned in both texts I visited. But I started with the tomb of Yussuf ibn Ayyub, al-Malik an-Nasir Salah ad-Din and the wonderfull Umayyad Mosque in Damascus (see WikiPedia for more).

In other pics you see the marvel of what once was Aleppo. I walked around the Suq, Mosque and Citadel for hours. The most grim part maybe; my last day in Aleppo I took a walk along Quayq river where since mid January bodies of executed rebels and civilians are pulled out.
I was there, I sat along the riverside for about an hour enjoying the peace … The last series of pics from Damascus include the marvelous Shi’a shrine for Sayyida Zaynab, a grand-
daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

Here are my best pics. Enjoy them and then ask yourself again, why do we allow a great people to destroy themselve and their country ?


One comment on “Syria ~ Cultural History down the drain of Sectarian War

  1. Hummingbird says:

    It is not a sectarian war, it is a revolution against tyranny. Want to talk about sectarian entities supported by West? Go ahead an talk about Israel.

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