Jaysh al-Muhājirīn wa’l-Ansār ~ Another foreigner’s brigade in Syria

When I first posted my report on Katībat al-Muhājirīn I accidentally mixed them up with the group I am writing this post about. Some of my twitter contacts quite immediately pointed out that the two groups had not a single connection, apart from the name.

Whereas Katībat al-Muhājirīn operates in Lattakia and is led by a veteran of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, this group is yet another Jihadist “task force” operating in Aleppo province under the leadership of Abū ‘Umar as-Shīshānī (Abu Umar the Chechen).

The former name of the group was Katā’ib al-Muhājirīn but since the merger with Jaysh Muhammad (Army of Muhammad) and Katā’ib Khatāb (Khatāb Brigades) they are known as Jaysh al-Muhājirīn wa’l-Ansār (The Army of Foreigners and Defendants [of Islām])

More and more Jihādī groups are consolidating and one might just wonder if they will just end up in one bigger group (unlikely ?) fighting a common cause; the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in the remnants of Syria.

This video was posted on March 27, 2013

Thanks to @Charles_Lister, @azelin and @ElSaltador for pointing me to my mistake

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