Syria ~ How the revolution evolved

This short video is an excellent overview of Syria’s tragedy of the last two years. It is a cynical view on how Syria is divided, not only pro or anti al-Assad …

Some say this video is British made propaganda for the Assad regime, if so, this is some very sophisticated form of it.


At the beginning, there was a revolution in Syria. People went out and said “the people want the fall of the regime” “one, one, one, the syrian people are one”.
Then people disagreed with each other; part of them said that changes must happen gradually and another part said that changes must happen immediately and they were divided, one would tell to the others “you are with the regime” and others would say “you are with the outsiders”.
When they finished the revolutions, they chanted “Allah, Syria, liberty and that’s it” and then they disagreed again; part wanted to end it peacefully and the other part wanted to end it with weapons.
So they devided and one group said “peaceful, peaceful” and the other said “no peaceful, we want boom boom”. Then they disagreed on many things:
  • the formation of the State “Islamic” “liberal”
  • the change “there must be immediate change and help from outside” “change must be gradually and from inside” “change must be immediate, but gradually”
  • the type of work: “demonstrations” “cut the roads” “we have to spread ideology”
  • how to start the demonstrations “Jihadi” “Local”
  • place of demonstrations “I’m here” “No, I’m here”
They kept on chanting, but it turned from a popular demonstration into a individual one “one, one, one, I’m one one” or even half of the one “you are wearing a trouser” “you are wearing a shirt” “traitor”

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