Jabhat an-Nusra ~ al-Hayat – another military success claimed

As pointed out in earlier posts the role of Jabhat an-Nusra in the Syrian war can hardly be denied. The most striking military successes of the last months can be assigned to this Jihadist group. This video was posted on YouTube on February 22nd. It is a video statement by Abu ‘Abd-Allah as-Shami, supposedly the Jihadi that drove a car packed with explosives into al-Hayat hospital (Aleppo) on February 21st. Near the end of the video you can find a short fragment of the attack and the actual dammage it caused.

What follows are the headlines of the translation of this video:

Al-Hayat Hospital had been transformed by the regime into a military post. [Hereby they] stopped it’s [public] function and converted it into a backing assistance line. It is here the officers used to stay and control battles from the hospital.

Soldiers [were] put in front of it, manning a checkpoint, to make it more difficult for people to pass through, but we were able to and thanks to Allah [we] transformed this building into a graveyard for those deserters. Praise God.

We thank God, and peace and blessing upon his Messenger Muhammad and his companions:

I would like to give you the pleasure and announce you that I will commit a martyrdom operation fighting for the sake of our brothers in as-Sham, in revenge for the bloodshed committed by the Nusayri’s. In what religion so-ever, your blood is the blood and ours is water and in what religion your killed ones are innocent and our killed ones are meaningless, so it is fair to treat you the same. I announce to you, Nusayri’s, that you will face hardship these coming days due to our operations and, if God wills it, you will wish you were forgotten. Brothers in Islam come and fight for your religion. By God, if the Prophet and his companions were present in this period of time, the best thing they would do is to fight Jihad against the infidel Nusayri’s. And who leave Jihad but such as debase their soul with folly and lose their trade (with God).

My confidence in God is beyond measure and, God being generous, I am certain that the amount of casualties will be huge.

May Allah help you with more operations.

The hero had been granted for what he wished for as his car was supplied by tons of explosives and headed towards the site where the deserters were, killing them all.

May Allah bless your soul …

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