Jihad in Syria ~ Reaching an international level ?

Jihad in Syria seems to have reached a new level. As already known for a longer while international Jihadism in Syria is growing stronger. There have been multiple reports of foreigners from all over the Arab world fighting (and dying) in Syria. Even Western (European, American and Canadian) Jihadi’s have been reported fighting Bashar al-Assad’s army.

This one appears to be new however. This video, made by Chechen Jihadi’s, points out that more and more foreign brigades are being active in Syria. Their agenda ? To spread international Jihadism and topple the regime. Their means ? To call out for international financial support.


Emir Abu Umar al-Chechen is an Emir of the Mujahidin Brigade of Muhajirun, or migrants, Kata’ib al-Muhajirin, which also includes volunteers from the Caucasus Emirate. Brigade Kata’ib al-Muhajirin is one of the most active units of Mujahidin fighting in Syria against the Alawite regime of Assad and Iranian mercenaries rafidites.

The video

The translation

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

We thank Allah and would like to tell you that Emir Omar and all of us send you greetings.

Our brigade, the Brigade of Muhajirin, arrived to the Levant [a while ago] [This to support] the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, to lift the injustice from this land.

Brothers and sisters,

We have missed so many opportunities to apply the Sharia in this land and the world. Thus we will not miss this opportunity. We are doing our best and we will not have mercy on ourselves, either victory or martyrdom, but Jihad is not only restricted to only the fighters, but it needs financial support to become Jihad at it’s best.

If anything has stopped you from participating in Jihad, what stops you from financial support in the name of Allah? If you don’t do either of those, you will face Allah and He will ask you for the failure and we will be witness that the Ummah failed us.

I invite you to participate in the Jihad in this blessed land and to be part of the victory against the tyrant.

Now the Deputy of the Emir, Abu Musab will speak:

We thank Allah, and peace and blessing upon the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

Our brothers in faith, we are the Brigade of Mujahidin in the Levant and we have arrived to fight in the name of Allah and to raise the word of Allah. How many opportunities have we missed ? The reason is because we haven’t unified the word of Allah and we ask Allah that the fall of this tyrant would be done by us and that we will be able to raise the world of Allah in the blessed land.

Our brothers in faith, don’t stay still “and [either] go forth in companies or go forth all together” and don’t say “those” said so and so and listen only to the Mujahidin. We ask the Clerics of this Nations to not discourage the youth from Jihad as it is obligatory in this land and it isn’t collective obligation.

Allah is the one who accounts you on Judgement Day, you are the successors of the prophets and the successors of the Prophet in this land, so say the word of truth. Do not be afraid to be blamed, don’t be traitors, but be clerics. We need your support and we need money to prevail over the tyrant and then raise the word of Allah.

Source: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2013/02/07/17333.shtml via @azelin Translation by @Alasil

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