Jihad in Syria ~ an international affair ?

Jihad in Syria seems to have reached a new level; as already known for a longer while international Jihadi’s joined several Jihadist groups. There have been multiple reports of foreigners from all over the Arab world fighting (and dying) in Syria. There have even been Western (European, American and Canadian) Jihadi’s fighting with some of these Islamist groups against Bashar al-Assad’s army.

But this one would be new. This video made by Chechen Jihadi’s seems to point out that there are more and more foreign brigades being active in Syria. Their agenda ? Spread international Jihadism and topple Bashar al-Assad. Their means , Call out for international financial support (they forgot to mention an account number however …)

Emir Abu Omar al-Chechen is an Emir of the Mujahideen Brigade of Muhajirs, or migrants, Kata’ib al-Muhajirin, which also includes volunteers from the Caucasus Emirate.The Kata’ib al-Muhajirin is one of the most active units of Mujahideen fighting in Syria against the Alawite regime of Assad and Iranian mercenaries rafidites.


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