al-Shabaab 2.0 ~ Jihadnalism or how to use Twitter in a Jihadist propaganda war

Let us introduce a whole new concept in the use of social media; Jihadnalism …


As pointed out in recent posts on this blog, the Somalian Jihadist group al-Shabaab had found a way into using Twitter as a new communication forum. (See Dennis Allex – An agent betrayed and A French adventure gone terribly wrong). The last posts by this group included several on the failed French rescue mission in Somalia and more importantly the continuous threats to kill several Kenyan hostages. Soon after these latter messages were sent, on January 24th, Twitter permanently blocked their account @HSMPress.

It is said, amongst terrorism experts, that the account was being run by a Western eduacted Jihadi. Some believe the guy who was behind all this, is @abumamerican, an American from Alabama who joined al-Shabaab about six years ago. Hammami – whose nom de guerre is Abu Mansoor al-Amriki – has used Twitter and YouTube to publicise about al-Shabaab. In a way, his account kept al-Shabaab alive and kicking on Twitter for a while.


The Resurrection

As far as their comeback on Twitter is concerned on February 3th, at about 9 PM (GMT+1) … Here are the first tweets:







As soon as they started talking about “Crusaders” something startled me. These two tweets are quite open about it; France is (still) a Crusader force …


And then @DavidOranje contacted me about the matter. We started a conversation mentioning al-Shabaab and what had happened before. We both retweeted each other’s blogpost about it and then we suddenly both gained a new follower on Twitter …


This would be the “most secret” account :


And then I’ve got another one honouring me; he follows Slideshare and myself.


If I have noticed anything from this experience, it would be the fact that HSMPress changed their tactics a bit. They start claiming freedom of speech yet follow the ones talking about them. I hope you guys enjoy my tweets …

One comment on “al-Shabaab 2.0 ~ Jihadnalism or how to use Twitter in a Jihadist propaganda war

  1. IELLINA says:

    Article très intéressant concernant la com jihadiste.

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