Another viewpoint ~ Jabhat an-Nusra replies to the US designation

On December 14th 2012 this video was uploaded on YouTube. It is a reaction to the US designation of Jabhat an-Nusra.

What follows are just the headlines of this video message; providing us with an Islamist view on the group and their ideology and the reasons for their designation.

The speaker gives us his idea on why the group would be perceived being a terrorist organization by the US. The text contains some main thoughts, resumed below and commented.

    Every Islamic group that strives for an Islamic state, where Shari’a would be imposed, is considered by the US as a terrorist entity.
    The US is supervising the democratic process and elections in the Islamic world and only allow the moderate to take control. In the meantime they encourage the liberal thinkers to get rid of the Islamic model. This could be seen as follows: true Sunni Islam is being suppressed by dictators who serve the US interest only, in the while profiting big time from the support and petro-dollars. The first dictators one thinks about are of course Ben Ali, Mubarak, Kaddhafi and al-Assad. Or one might even believe the speaker has other thoughts on his mind, maybe even the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, America’s biggest ally in the Middle East ?
    Every legitimate Holy War or Jihad against one of these dictators, whilst striving for an Islamic state will be smothered by the US. The so called War on Terror is the excuse for intervening in the activities of the Mujāhidūn.
    Suddenly the people who defend their land and their people, those who sacrifice their life, are considered being terrorists. When the US includes Jabhat an-Nusra in the terrorist list, then any Jihādī is targeted to be pursued and then killed.
    The Western conspirators will try to attack the Mujāhidūn through the net and social media. And, not surprisingly, statements like these always prove to be right. During the last month the international attention for Jabhat an-Nusra was immense. Whilst you would hardly find any info on the group medio 2012; now the internet is swarming with all kinds of information and opinions.
    The video ends with a call for support throughout the Islamic world. If the group has enough popular and political backing, they believe they will not be attacked. One of the last statements makes one worry, the idea lives amongst these groups that the US will try to eliminate Jihadism in Syria before leaving Afghanistan in 2014.

It is quite clear that Jabhat an-Nusra considers itself as a legitimate opponent of al-Assad’s regime. Further more, lately their popular support is on the rise. They are not only known as the fiercest fighters in FSA ranks (Jabhat an-Nusra played a crucial role in the siege on Taftanaz military airport in the Idlib province), their social activities are none the lesser. There have been multiple reports that Jabhat an-Nusra had a crucial role in distributing water and bread in heavily struck cities like Aleppo.

One might wonder what an eventual future for Syria would be without al-Assad but reigned by groups like Jabhat an-Nusra. I scratched your back, now scratch mine ?

3 comments on “Another viewpoint ~ Jabhat an-Nusra replies to the US designation

  1. Hummingbird says:

    I consider my self a liberal Syrian, and I belong to a minority. What made me angry about listing an-Nusra as a terrorist group is that ASSad regime was not listed as a terrorist mob too. It seems that “terrorism” according to USA are those who are not allies.
    Now, we have our fears from this group, but what did US and the West do to help Syrians? nothing at all. On the contrary, all aid even humanitarian and medical are hindered from reaching all Syrian citizens including children so this aid won’t reach the terrorists; but somehow this act is similar to Assad regime’s actions by shelling and slaughtering entire cities to get rid of a dozen of militants hiding inside it. an-Nusra does not represent what is Syria, nor Assad, and nor journalists who knows nothing about our societies.

  2. red says:

    I believe an nusra is pretty close to the “perfect revolutionary” model, efficient selfless and attentive to people’s needs (and you can find many confirmation s of this even as worried commenters say that, unfortunately, an nusra non corrupt and “gentle” face is making it popular, a good example of why westerners are still derided as crusaders, they admit an nusra is doing better than fsa and yet say they are the bad guys).
    You have tio nate that those forming an nusra like the other groups are not professionals thus if the line of conduct was not to their kliking they would leave, that means that the fsa brigades that show shameful corrupted behaviour (and a good number do) like robbing civilians and using false accusations to expropriate goods they want, are made of such corrupt people, an nusra is not, otherwise they would behave the same.
    Lastly, well, an nusra does not want a democratic country, well, neither do I, I mean a government must be sensitive to people’s demand, that’s all, if it is it needs not be a democracy, if it’s not it may be a democracy, it is still a regime that must me removed. An nusra showed already its “true colors” administrating carefully the areas under their control, so I trust they will do so in the whole country (and take note, they do control small alawiite and christian areas too, no incident reported, so, I dare say, the case is closed.
    The US is always against anything that smells of islam but that’s hardly news.

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