Christian FSA Brigades in Syria ?

This video was published on December 31, 2012

It was posted as an announcement of a new Christian Brigade fighting for the Free Syrian Army. Who takes a closer look at the video and reads the translation below will identify this video as being a possible falsification.

Again, one might believe, this might be part of a propaganda war, being waged by the FSA to clean up their reputation, since they were associated with al-Qaeda related groups. But then again, why would they need one ? In my idea our numbers on were a bit exaggerated until the UN published it’s report

With a staggering number of over 60 000 dead one can only hope that the madness in Syria will come to an end soon, Christian Battalions or no …

Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill to all people.

Due to the immediate need to unify the efforts of the troops on ground
to work and have the same target together to overthrow the corrupted
regime, we, the Battalion of Ansar Allah, of Christian religion, declare
joining Brigade of Jesus Christ.

We declare joining under the military command of the Military
Revolutionary Council of Damascus and its suburbs under the law of
the constitution of the year 1950 committing ourselves to all conventions
and international forms applied to Military conflicts. We also declare
that we embrace the statement of the Provisional Syrian Parliament as
a document principle to fulfill our objectives which is the liberation of
our country from the Assad occupied forces. Long live Syria as it was
for all of us, a place for coexistence and the center of cultures and we
pray God to help us with this great revolution to defend our land and the
blood of our pure people and this way we have fulfilled our promise for
us and for our country.

Long live Free Syria

One comment on “Christian FSA Brigades in Syria ?

  1. Peace Monger says:

    I`m no related to Syria, and I’m no in any position or side between corrupted socialist ba’ath tyranny or their enemies, that errorist islamic gangs that follow the long history from islamic terrorism.
    But I want to say it:
    That crosses in their military fatigues are used only by clergymen, no layman, civilian or military ever uses that.
    Rab christians can see it as blasphemous or sacrilegious.
    Arab christians never uses Issa al Nasri as a name of Jesus Christ.
    And in his addresses , middle east christians uses a variation from trinitarian formulae.
    So, this partcular video is a hoax.

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