Syria ~ from Rogue State to Failed State ?

As the war in Syria keeps on escalating, it becomes clearer by the day that pessimism is in place here. There are some reasons to fear that it will not just end once al-Assad throws in the towel.

As I mentioned in other posts the resistance itself is highly divided; at the one end we see the Free Syrian Army (FSA – mainly citizens and defected soldiers from al-Assad’s army) at the other one we see several Jihadist groups (who really do not care about Syria or it’s population). We have the Kurds in the North-East with their own political agenda, several thousands of Christians fearing the aftermath, …

The recent conference in Qatar tried to unify the resistance again. The Syrian National Council (SNC) tried to find an answer for the division in the field. Several groups joined in Doha, just came up with a compromise. They’ll start working on the formation of a transition government, under the lead of George Sabra, a Christian and ex-Communist activist.

In the meanwhile the fighting continues and threatens to spread throughout the region. We have seen several clashes on the Turkish border, Lebanon isn’t that far away of being dragged in. And today, after some intrusions of the Golan Heights, Israel responded by launching a rocket into Syria. Just a warning for now, but Israel is preparing it’s troops for the worse. It’s been since 1973 that Israeli troops were military engaged with Syria.

When the former US president George Bush Jr. declared Syria to be a rogue state, who would have thought that it would evolve to be a failed state ? Are we close to see the next Iraq or Somalia rising from al-Assad’s ashes ?

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