Medical care on the front in Syria

In a few weeks time I stumbled upon several videos made in field hospitals in Syria. The way families are thorn apart, what the doctors (even veterinarians) are doing in these hospitals, must be tormenting. One might wonder if they are still amongst us since these videos were published …

I just publish the videos and the original comments as provided by YouTube

Al-Qusayr – Homs

A citizen journalist filming the shelling on his hometown of Alqusayr in Homs is alerted by telephone that his brother has been rushed to the makeshift hospital after being injured in the same raid that he was filming. The hospital is packed with civilian casualties where the activist finds his second brother among the injured as well. A heart-wrenching end awaits the journalist who is furious with the Arabs, Muslims, and entire world for remaining silent to the atrocities befalling the innocent civilians of Syria.

This is the kind of citizen journalism I admire. The Syrian conflict is hard to grasp, but people like him deserve an audience. (I do not share his ideas about Israel however)


The atrocities and war crimes currently ripping Syria apart at the seams are evident inside a field hospital in Aleppo, the country’s largest city. Inside the hospital exhausted doctors indescriminately treat civilians, members of the Free Syrian Army, and captured Syrian Army troops alike.

One comment on “Medical care on the front in Syria

  1. helendayem says:

    The doctors working in the field hospitals across Syria, deserve the respect of the whole world. They work under the most horrific circumstances, circumstances people across the world cannot even imagine.
    Doctor Mohammad, has been the doctor for Homs since the start of the revolution. His only help during the attacks on Baba Amr, when sometimes 40 injuries would arrive every ten minutes, was a vet, and one civilian trained on site, with no medical experience. Dr Mohammad is still in Homs, and has no intention of leaving, stating that if he leaves, who would help?
    He has seen injuries that most doctors would never see if their lifetimes, limbs blown off by Assads Bombs and shells falling on civilian areas, I remember one video, a 14 year old boy with half his face blown off, something I’ll never forget, was told at that time, there was lack of medication and equipment, nothing new, but these men always do their best. They deserve recognition from the whole world for their bravery and determination to try and save lives!
    The doctors in Alleppo are working today under similar circumstances. I have a friend working in the field hospital shown in the video, he’s Egyptian, there are in fact, many foreign doctors trying to save the lives of the innocent in Syria, something many people don’t realize. These doctors have gone in voluntarily, just out of a feeling of duty, they too must be respected and praised for going into such dangerous areas, simply to save lives!
    My friend, in the Alleppo field hospital called me a few weeks ago, he told me they were receiving 60 injuries every ten minutes, and they needed doctors desperately!
    We always have urgent calls for doctors to go and help inside Syria, across the internet, we call for assistance most days, and many answer the call. Respect to all who are prepared to risk their own lives to save others!

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