Syria’s rage

Today a video was leaked which will not serve the cause of the Syrian rebels for the best.

In this video it seems that a group of Syrian soldiers (maybe Shabīha ~ civilian pro Assad militia) are being held captive by a group of rebels. It is not clear however, if this group is official FSA or just a band of thugs or Jihādī’s.

A group of men is lying on the ground in what seems to be a destroyed production plant of some kind. They’re begging for mercy; seeming to know their fate to come.

After some beating and shouting, one of the rebels looses control and opens fire on the group. The other ones soon join in on the mass execution. It would be very unlikely if even a single one survived.

Apart from the fact that the rebels brutally execute the soldiers / Shabīha; this is exactly what the Syrian regime needs. Proof that the rebels are nothing more than ‘terrorists’ in a killing frenzy. If there even was anyone who still believed in a humane revolution, what happened today, might prove them wrong.

A sad day again for Syria indeed …

the video

One comment on “Syria’s rage

  1. ward says:

    i saw that clip on the news… unbelievable people can do that to each other. You start to wonder what happened to those rebels prior to make them do something like that.

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